Innovative Content Licensing Opportunity for
Health & Wellbeing Providers

Do you have a Health Screening business? Health Insurance business? Healthy Meals or any similar wellbeing business?

Here's how to add a new turn-key revenue stream to your existing health & wellness business or organisation...

Complement your existing offerings to increase revenue, or leverage these resources to
add significant value to memberships and subscriptions

Maximise your profits with this innovative and ‘market-ready’ product offering of extensive IP for your business. 

We’re accepting applications for joint-venture partners

If you provide workplace wellness, health screening, health fairs, health insurance or are a health & wellbeing organisation this will be of interest to you.

Access this extensive IP for a turn-key solution

… and save hundreds of thousands of dollars and months in development costs and time, as well as management of the resources.

Health & Wellness has become an extremely competitive space.  Researching and developing resources, content and programs can take months and costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A better solution is to partner with us so you can immediately provide these resources to your clients and members.

An example of how an end-user will see the content and resources. 
All branded from your business and for your clients

Now you can give outstanding and ongoing value to previous and current clients, while you gain a distinct advantage over your competition to reach new clients

If you provide Corporate Wellness services such as health fairs, health screenings, nutritional advice or similar, you probably only have the opportunity to sell once to your client.  That’s why this content has been developed – as a way to give businesses like yours both a competitive advantage and a means to sell an additional, complementary product to your clients.

We’ve developed and produced the digital content that includes an extensive selection of spoken word guided visualisations, music, video and more.  The range covers anxiety and stress management, mindfulness, exam stress, focus, insomnia and relaxation, as well as a physical activity program.

We create the custom webpage for delivery of the content, or individual items can be packaged for you to include in your own delivery platforms (webpages and apps).

Utilise these valuable resources WITHOUT having to spend hundred of thousands of dollars in research and product development & years of production

The developers of this content have an extensive background in media production and technology and have worked with psychotherapists and counsellors to create the content.

And that means all the audio, music and video the resources are of the highest production quality.  

A perfect ‘ingredient’ ready to add to your existing services.  Health, nutrition, insurance businesses are just some examples of businesses who are suitable as licensees of these resources

Resources that leverage your existing client base so you save money on new customer acquisitions and provide MASSIVE value.  And you’ll now have something new to sell to past clients

Each spoken-word resource can be customised for your client, along with YOUR branding

Examples of JV partners this IP will benefit...

You probably have an existing customer base.  As a JV partner, you can provide a new product  to your clients, and stand head and shoulders above your competition  when approaching new clients

You’ll be able to provide your own product (under your name) customised for your client’s business.  

Now you can include these resources for your member and subscribers.  Everything is done for you in this complete turn-key product.

Below you'll hear SHORT SAMPLES of some the audio tracks available. These include a variety of voices...

Guided Visualisation: “The Beach” – US female voice

Guided Visualisation: “The Beach” – Australian female voice

Guided Visualisation: “Awareness Breathing” – US female voice

Guided Visualisation: “Anxiety Release” – US female voice

Guided Visualisation: “The Beach” – US female voice

Guided Visualisation: “The Beach” – US female voice

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