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Your Healthier, Happier Workplace

Workplace Wellness is now essential and highly recommended for businesses of all sizes.  And with the pandemic increasing stress and anxiety in our workplaces, keeping our teams healthy – physically and mentally – is of prime importance.

By providing the range of resources from Office Oasis –  that your team will be able to access anytime and in complete privacy – you’ll be utilising the latest innovations designed to increase the positivity and wellness in your workplace, increase productivity and reduce costs associated with
employee mental and physical health.

Professionally produced resources... spoken-word guided visualisations, videos, music and more

Quality resources your team will enjoy using everyday for a range of benefits

Resources can be accessed from a smartphone, whenever they are needed

Your Effective Workplace Wellness solution

Keeps your employees and management engaged in their mental & physical health & wellbeing

Developed with psychologists and an experienced, professional  media production specialists, 

Why you should consider Office Oasis

Workplace wellness programs give your business many benefits.  However, most programs require personal attendances and motivation to keep going.  Because Office Oasis is accessed from an employee’s  smartphone, ipad or computer – 24/7 and in private – uptake and usage is increased.  The resources can also complement any other programs you may be offering.


Many employees don’t participate in wellness programs due to embarrassment or unease

Cost Savings

Reduce your healthcare costs while increasing productivity and employee happiness


Resources developed with psychotherapists, counsellors and professional media producers

Quick Launch

Unique resource delivery portal for your business, with options to add Management motivation

Office Oasis Beta Now Available

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Beta Program Now Available

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